What’s more official than official?

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So I had a pretty damn cool week. On Friday the 13th, I submitted my paperwork to the state of Washington to register Spoony Panda Studios as an LLC. It took a few days, but it went through SMOOTHLY. I then setup with the IRS for an EIN, then was able to find a decently reviewed bank to setup a business account with. Finally, it was time to tackle Steam.

That was a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS. I had to resubmit a few times until I understood exactly what they wanted. I guess because I’m a single person LLC, the EIN wasn’t good enough for them. Oh well. Finally getting that done, I’ve registered the game with Steam, and I’m currently working on getting an artist for Steam Capsule art (basically the cool stuff you see, like so:

Yeah, so basically, spent a day or two looking around on Artstation and Fiverr, found a guy and e-mailed him, pretty sure I won’t be able to afford him, but we will find out very soon. But I was just introduced from a very talented artist through a friend the other night who has a really AWESOME style. Check it out here. This comic is fantasy, but I had a good talk with him the other night about what I’m looking for and it seems like it can work out well. So more to come on that front.

I also got introduced to a wonderful musician and I am super excited to have them on the team. I gave him some inspiration for what I am looking for, kind of a chiptune-y synthwave feel. I am SO VERY excited for this, based off of the samples I was given of his previous work.

So things are looking pretty good on the fronts for the skills I severely lack. Now if I could only find a decent pixel artist that would work for hot pockets then I’d be in HEAVEN.

Today, I plotted out my next milestone, and I’ll share it here with you all (also posted on the official discord):


  • Reworked upgrades and system for weapons
  • New Weapon: Rocket Hammer
  • New Weapon: PDS (Personal Defense System)
  • Reworked Meta Upgrades and additions
  • Reworked Level-Up menu
  • Added Version info to Options page
  • Steam Store page Completion
  • Website Creation

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with quitting to main menu from level (multiple issues)
  • Large amount of enemies causing lag
  • Crashing when clicking “Upgrades” from end stage menu
  • “Back” button in upgrades tab reacts slower than other buttons
  • Samples don’t reset between stages
  • Game crashes when endpoint reached and level select still active
  • Monsters Spawn out of range/in invalid tiles

That’s it! This will take me a few weeks probably, but I’m excited to bring a little more in. All updates will be in small increments like this as I build things out. Excited to have an official Steam Page up as well.

One final note, It’s really nice to be focusing on game development lately instead of just complaining about how insane my life is. I’m extremely thankful for all my friends and family supporting me, and the fact that I was able to find professional help with the things that ail me these last couple years. If you want to see a difference, go back to my posts from 2019 and earlier. I refuse to remove anything old, but looking back on them, I was in a really tough place. I’m so glad things have improved, and being able to work on this game (and future projects) brings color back into my life.

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