Adventure Tails
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Adventure Tails

Early Concept Work by Ryan
Early Concept Work by Ryan

More information will be coming soon! An action-adventure RPG being developed in part with VA Studios. Currently in early development. This game will focus on the grueling journey of two heroes from warring nations, as they hunt a trail wrought with diabolical schemes and villainy!

Up to two players can work together to uncover the evil manipulating their world while defeating foes, crafting items, and investigating rumors to bring peace to both their lands.

Our current plans include:

  • Combo based melee combat with multiple weapons
  • Twin stick shooter based ranged combat, where players can create their own ammunition to cause damage and status effects
  • Crafting and rare creatures to hunt for even rarer materials
  • Local and Network Co-Op play (Or the second character
    Early Concept Work by Megan
    Early Concept Work by Megan

    will be controlled by AI)

This game is inspired by amazing hits such as Secret of Mana, A Link to the Past, Ori and the Blind Forest, RiME, and Monster Hunter.


Team Members:

  • Shaun Gustafson (Developer, Designer)
  • Ryan Bartley (2D Art, Designer)
  • Megan Keefe (2D Art, World Building)
  • Victor Tafolla (3D Modeling)
  • Matus Satara (3D Modeling)
  • Jane Lucero (Rigging/Animation)
  • Mason Dula (PM)
  • Kelin Webb (VA Studio Big Boss)

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