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WOW! I did it. The first milestone done already. Technically I finished yesterday, but I wasn’t happy with a few things (what’s new?) so I had to figure that out. Not gonna talk much here, just list what was done:

  • Added controller support!
  • Added a stage select!
  • Game saves between sessions!
  • Added “Elite” versions of mobs in specific stages. They have a bit more life, drop more, and can chase down the player faster. Beware!
  • Added a 2 second target painting on the ground for the STG Missile. Now you can lure enemies to the drop, if you’re quick enough.
  • Meta Upgrade currency is now based off of Kills. Finish the map (dead or alive) to have the currency added.
  • Random Stage Music!
  • Updated the objective screens. There’s 3 types of objectives, kill, survive and collect.

Anyway, remember, this game is still VERY VERY VERY early. This is basically 0.1 alpha. My very first milestone. A lot is coming. This next week or two, I will plan out my next milestone, give this website and the game website a nice facelift, and hopefully be able to officially announce the game. I’ve started the process to register my LLC with the state too!

Anyway, have a great Sunday and an awesome week fam 🙂

Game can be downloaded HERE
Game can be played on web HERE

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