Shaking Off Post Vacation Blues

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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t written for a while. Holiday season hit, along with flu season, so it was back to back vacation and sickness all around.

I’m getting back in the swing of things though. I’m currently working at redesigning the UI. I’ve set up a custom viewport size so we can have the game pixel perfect in one resolution, but the UI in its own resolution. It’s looking great so far!

Along with that update comes a reworking of the Ability Upgrade selection screen. I dislike the traditional ability card layout that many of the Bullet Heaven games use, which is usually a horizontal card shaped selection grid. I’ve opted instead to try a more vertical approach. Here are the results so far (keep in mind, this is a work in progress):

Original Ability Card Design:

The New Vertical Design:

The new “card” is a button itself that can be hover/selected/clicked on. Also the text to the right of power is just a placeholder for now — I plan on putting some actual graphics there to depict the current level of the ability. (as well as the top icons, all placeholders of course)

Finally, here is the new layout in action:

This effectively gives us more room for information, much of which I will try to display visually for the ability, the type modifiers, the main icon, the current level. This way you can quickly glance without having to read a bunch of text to see what’s going on. You’ll also be able to hover over the icons to see more, if you so desire.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Hope everyone had a great holiday season and life is well. I recently also celebrated my first year of sobriety, which really is a whole other topic, but damn it feels good. As one last little treat, here’s the sketch I did of the UI concept (it took over 9000 hours in MS Paint):

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