Where Some Have Dared To Fly

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Hi everyone!

I was hoping to update more often, but things have been crazy, between my day-to-day job as an engineer (which has been going great lately!) and having a leak in the condo, AND being sick, it’s just been a little nuts. But I’ve still managed to get quite a bit done. Some things have suffered though, I need to get back to LEG DAY. I miss squats and lifting and hiking. This weekend I’ll make sure to get out for sure.

But what’s new? Well, I’ve taken a crash course in pixel art design, and by “crash course”, I mean that I watched a YouTube video once and then just kinda went with it. I’m pleasantly surprised by the results, I thought I was going to be absolutely TERRIBLE. But it looks alright. What you see in the screenshot is an arid planet map, with my first three enemies: worms (of course alien worms is going to get a cameo), space slimes (yeah I know…) and space crabs (that one is for you, sera!). I have a task board up filled with my first tasks to reach the first milestone where I will then announce the game officially. But until then, I’ve updated the demo (web, download) with the new art assets and some new free music, so check it out! It’s just a small little sample of what is to come.

Things have been a little rough the last few weeks, but I’m pretty thankful to learn to roll with the punches better than I have before. No more getting down on myself for not being able to do everything perfectly 100% of the time. Things will happen, and stuff won’t go according to plan, or I might not finish a goal here or there, but it is not the end of the world. Repeat with me: IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

Anyway, I know I’m not doing anything groundbreaking with my life here, plenty others have done the same and more. I’m just hoping that this hobby can turn into something where I can at least sustain a living so I can do what I really love. My heart is smoldering and my soul is ablaze for not just this project, but for gamedev in general. I’m scared and hopeful and excited all at the same time. It’s almost a little overwhelming. But I’m determined. Look forward to a new post in a week or two, fam!

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