Bustin’ out my inner Bey cause IM A SURVIVOR

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Just finished the 2D Survival game course on Udemy. Give it a spin! Now that I’m done with that, time to flesh out the GDD. I got the framework now though! Game is completely playable from beginning to end. I can’t say it’s balanced at all, just showing off what CAN be done.

Look forward to a real update soon 🙂

WASD to control. 3 Different Powerups! WOW! Three Different Enemies! DOUBLE WOW! PARTICLE EFFECTS SOMETIMES. Press ESC for PAUSE MENU? This is NEXT LEVEL.

Download here for Windows
Or alternatively click here to play on web! — But I feel that it’s a little buggy. At least on Firefox.

Also some more links:
https://kenney.nl/ — He makes tons of assets and other stuff, WHAT A GREAT DUDE!

2D Survivor Godot Course by Firebelley Games — AMAZING COURSE!! Take this if you want to learn Godot.

https://godotengine.org/ — Godot Game Engine. It’s a fun tool!

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