Tortured Boy

Cedar River
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Hello friends,

I had my first full week back and work, and I really hit the ground running. Lots of changes and new opportunities coming up lately, so I’ve had to focus on that, and of course just keep focusing on the goals and things I want to get done again, one step at a time.

The last month and a half has been hard, and I lost so much of my focus in the last two months or so — But I think I got it. My apt is nice and clean now (I actually shelled out for some deep cleaning which is going to be done Thursday night!) — I actually went on an adventure this weekend as well. Hit up the Cavanaugh Pond trail apparently during Salmon Spawn season, as they make their journey. I didn’t see any at the time, just the aftermath (a few dead fish here and there). Was still absolutely amazing, I had to get some good pictures in before fall is over and there are no more leaves.

This week my focus is going to be getting back to the gym and getting back to a normal schedule full of things. I have my foodstuffs to pick up for meal prep tonight, so I’ll be back to eating all the things I should be again. Luckily I only gained about 10 lbs in the two months I’ve been neglecting all this nonsense, so I’m still down about 50.

Last but not least — getting back heavily into gamedev. I’ve been slowly transferring all my knowledge from Unity to Unreal and it’s been going well. Still a hell of an engine. Trying to find a time period weekly that works with my team so we can get back to our regularly scheduled meetings.

One last little bit for this week. Music. Music is everything to me. most of the people I’m close to is through music. For those that don’t know, some friends and I run a music listening room on a social music service called “Pop Punk/Rock/Alternative/Emo” aka “PPRAE”. We’ve been a community since 2011 (The dude who originally made the room has moved on, we miss you TheRareCreature) and like I said, I’ve met many of my closest friends there. I can’t tell you how much these people mean to me, and I’m so thankful we still have each other these many years later. Music is the key to my soul. When I can’t use my words, I still have a song to give. In fact, every single one of these blog posts are titles of songs on a playlist I have with someone — and to this very day, as soon as I see a new song on the list, my heart jumps right out of my goddamn throat and slaps me upside the head.

I’m just going to leave you with this little gem, from a movie I love called “August Rush”: 

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  1. Glad it is going well for you. I know what you mean about music. Starting with the musicals and opera that I did and into my adult life, good or bad times, there is always a song in my heart to get me through. Love yoU!

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