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Adventurer Manager - Endless Tower
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Okay, so I just got a three year old timeline post from Facebook about some of the work I did on Adventurer Manager. (Disclaimer, I am not the original developer, I just did some bug fix work and released some new content.)

When this post came up, it made me reminisce on the experience. There was a lot of learning involved, and I was tasked to take the game from a very statically built state to a much more dynamic adventure with the randomly generated tower content.

Below is the post I made about the game on Facebook today, and I just wanted to share the experience to everyone:

“I remember figuring this out. The whole game was built so statically. There was no documentation. I had to jump in, find where everything was for myself and figure out how to hook my own randomly generated dungeons into the current map. Due to this you couldn’t really save progress, because that was a whole other beast.

The map itself was a grid but on a single dimension array. In order to make things easier on myself to create pathway mapping, I had to create a function to translate to xy from just z. Once I did that, if randomly generate the start room, end room, boss room, a treasure room, and 1 to 2 minibosses randomly. I’d then build a path from the start room to the end room, then choose a randomly generated enabled room, and path to it (it would work itself towards the node on the x or y axis randomly until it reached the position). I’d repeat the process of one of the special rooms linking to a node that has a room already, and building a path. It wasn’t perfect, but it built some very very interesting layouts.

I also added some code that would disable the next floor event until the boss and mini bosses had been successfully cleared.”


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