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Snoqualmie Falls
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Alright, this one is probably going to be short. Had to spend a bunch of money last minute, kind of in a foul mood, and I’ve got a bit of a headache.

My other modeler is back from a short hiatus, which is good. We collaborated on some art direction and stuff in the team meeting today, and we’re going to have our first draft of our first model this next weekend. Too bad I’ll be on vacation. Been thinking a lot about the structure and how I want all the scripts to interface — probably going to plot out a workflow for it this week. Make some skeletons for the different managers and what components I want to have for player characters and enemies.

Fourth of July was pretty cool. Went up the I90 to Olallie park with some friends. Was a pretty great time.

Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls

Today I hit up Snoqualmie Falls then Three Forks since my foot has been acting up, so no real hiking for me. Also, tomorrow morning I’ll be up to 135 on my squats, which I’m really, really excited for.

This week I hope to get a bit done, but I’m going on vacation for the weekend. I’ll still make a blog post — but I probably won’t have much to say about my dev stuff.

ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING: I’m going to be streaming the games that I was talking about last week, one at a time, starting Monday, from 6-8pm PST.  (Rime, then Ori and the Blind Forest, then finally Secret of Mana)

It will be on twitch, on my channel here: — so please come check me out!

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